6 Ways Social Media Managers Can Stand Out & Get Hired

As a social media manager, it's often hard to stand out from the crowd, especially when you're spending more time on your client's platforms than your own.

To win clients as a social media manager, you need to be visible to ensure your dream clients come to you when they need help. You need them to know you exist, know what services you offer and have some trust in your expertise.

6 ways for social media managers to stand out from the crowd

#1. Be Visible. 

This sounds obvious, but if you're a social media manager, you really need to be visible on social media!  Not only do you need to be visible, but you also need to position yourself as THE expert they should turn to when they need help. You should be talking directly to your ideal client and telling them exactly how you can solve their problems.

#2. Send emails to any warm leads

Be polite and check in on your warm leads, start a conversation and find out how they are managing in this current climate. You could offer them some tips and advice if they're struggling, so they remember how helpful you were when this passes and come back to you afterwards.

#3. Drop a free audit into a warm lead inbox.

Offer some tips on how they can make some improvements considering the current climate, and be generous with your advice, so they appreciate the effort.  The Social Media Managers Toolkit has an audit template which has won many social media managers great clients.

#4. Run a competition.

Competition is a great way to get more fresh eyes on your social media platforms but think strategically about this. You could offer a power hour (or half hour) or a free audit to business owners as a prize but ensure you are attracting the right audience, so you don't end up giving something away to a one-man band with no budget to ever work with you again.

#5. Offer a virtual, drop in, office hour

If we had no clients right now, we'd start offering a regular drop-in service where businesses could pick our brains for free on Zoom once a week. People always want to pick your brains, and while we'd usually advise against that, if you do it strategically, you can use this kind of freebie as a way to build your list and your reputation. After all, if you're giving all that for free, how amazing must your paid service be?

#6. Get active in Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups have always been a good source of leads for us, and it's something we highly recommend. You don't need to promote your services, and we certainly don't recommend selling and spamming the groups you're in, but we do see the value in being active, sharing your tips and advice, and, as mentioned before, people will remember you for it.

Read >> How to find clients in Facebook groups as a social media manager for more on how to make the most of this opportunity.

Bonus tip: Update your website

Hopefully, you have a website. If not, go here. But when was the last time you updated it to ensure your dream clients can find what they need when they visit your site? People often think that their website is finished once they hit publish. Sadly that's not the case!

And as your own virtual real estate, you should be tweaking your website as often as possible to ensure it has the right information and shows your business in the best possible light. Check and update things like the links to your social media platforms, your contact details and photos.