7 Instagram Reel Ideas For Product-Based Businesses

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This blog may contain affiliate links.

Say                to
your first clients 


... even with a small audience
… before creating a portfolio 
… and without a single testimonial!

With Instagram prioritising video and moving all video content to the Reels feed, it's crucial to include video in your Instagram strategy.

But creating videos on behalf of clients can be tricky for freelance social media managers, particularly if your client isn't nearby. So can you use video to promote your client's products when they don't provide you with any video content?

How to create Instagram Reels for product-based businesses.

1. Educate your client.

Your client needs to understand the importance of video content in today's social media landscape. if they are not social media users themselves or come from a more traditional marketing background they may not understand that platforms and users now prefer video content.

Unless they understand the need for video, they're unlikely to be on board with assisting you in creating the content that will get them the results they've hired you for.

Ensure they understand that Instagram Reels – and other short-form videos – are not perfectly polished, over-produced videos. Set the expectation that they might be rough and ready, but that's ok and often works better than highly edited video on social media.

2. Train your client

If you want the client to provide you with video content, you will have to train them on how you want them to do it. There's nothing worse than a client telling you they've created a great video for Instagram only to receive it in landscape orientation with terrible sound.

Let your clients know:

  • Which app to record with
  • The orientation or size you need
  • Where they should focus the product in the video
  • How long it should be
  • How to send it to you
  • When you need it by

3. Take ownership of the video creation

Short-form video does not need to be perfectly polished and edited. Its purpose is to capture people's attention and make them take action.

Nowadays, anyone can create a 15-60 second video – yes, even you! There are plenty of apps to create short-form videos for use on Instagram Reels or TikTok.

4. Get the investment

If your client has a product-based business and can't provide you with video content, they need to provide you with everything you need to make it for them.

That means they need to pay an additional fee for video creation AND provide the products and any additional tools you need to create Instagram Reels for the business.

Social media managers should not be creating short-form videos for free! So, if you've added Reels to your Instagram packages but haven't increased your prices lately, now is the time for a fee increase!

5. Get inspired

There is inspiration everywhere! Look at current trends, check out your competitors and learn transitions from other influencers and marketers. Then think about how those could be applied to the product you are promoting.

7 simple ideas for product short-form videos.

1. Use Instagram Reels to show how products can be used

This is a great example from the skincare brand Amaranthine. There's no face in the video so anyone watching will never know if it was the social media manager or the brand owner who shot the video.

2. Test simple transitions

Transitions like this one from food and drinks brand, No. 1 Living, are quick to make and show people how simple it can be to buy the product by showing the website in the background.

3. Use Instagram Reels to show whats inside the box

This simple Reel from Typo stopped was really effective. The movement stopped us scrolling and by showing what's in the box they were able to share products to appeal to different buyers.

4. Use voiceover to share the brand story

The Chocolate Smiths use Instagram Reels so well in our opinion and this recent Reel is a brilliant example of how you can create a simple video showing a product while also sharing the brand story.

Don't be afraid to add voiceover to Reels – the viewer won't know if the voice they are hearing is the business owner or the social media manager, and they won't care! Be sure to add captions to cater for your whole audience.

5. Use stop-motion video to stop the scroll

Stop-motion is so simple to create, so long as your client has provided the products. This Reel from Skin + Me is a great example of how simple stop-motion can be to create.

6. Use photos to create short-form videos

If your client won't send video, perhaps they'll send photos? This simple Instagram Reel from Pattie & co shows just how simple it can be to create a video from still images – and the audio is perfect!

This type of video can be a great way to repurpose user-generated content & professional product shots.

7. Create Instagram Reels in-store

You don't have to be B&M to create short-form videos in the store. If your clients products are available to buy in any retail outlets then shooting a video where people can buy them is a great idea.

You could even go one step further and show the journey from finding the product to checking out and using it at home.

Video tools for product based businesses

The simplest and quickest way to create Instagram Reels is in the Instagram app. The same goes for TikTok videos, building them in the app is quick and simple.

But if you're looking for alternative ways to create videos there are 5 Ways To Create Eye-Catching Instagram Reels In Minutes here.

If you're yet to create Instagram Reels for your business then take our 7-day Reels challenge to get started.


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