Autumn Content Ideas for Freelance Social Media Managers

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This blog may contain affiliate links.

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... even with a small audience
… before creating a portfolio 
… and without a single testimonial!

Autumn is here, and that means it's time to start creating captivating autumnal content for your freelance social media management business! 

With the changing of the leaves and the crispness in the air, there's no better time to showcase your creativity and engage your audience with fresh, seasonal content.

Autumn provides a unique opportunity for social media managers to tap into the season's themes, colours, and moods to create content that resonates with their audience. By embracing the season and creating content that aligns with your business objectives, you can increase engagement, drive sales, and grow your online community.

In this comprehensive guide, we've put together some autumn-themed content ideas to help you craft the perfect social media posts for your freelance business.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give your audience a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in your day-to-day work as a social media manager during the autumn months. 

Share images and videos of you working on projects, brainstorming ideas, or collaborating with clients. This will help to humanize your brand and build trust with your audience. 

People love to know what will happen when they start working with you, so share your onboarding process. We all know how well unboxing videos work, so why not ‘unbox’ your business?

Offer Seasonal Productivity Tips

Share your tips and tricks for staying productive during the autumn season. This could include time management strategies, advice on maintaining a work-life balance, or tools you use to keep yourself organized. 

For example, you could suggest taking a walk in the park during your lunch break or investing in a light therapy lamp to combat the shorter daylight hours (if you have one!)

Share Your Autumn Workspace

Give your audience a glimpse into your autumn workspace, whether it's a cosy home office, a local café, or a co-working space.

Showing where you work is a great way to give people a sneak peek behind the scenes, and adding tips to help people stay productive and comfortable during the colder months can make your content even more valuable.

Promote Your Autumn Offers

Add additional revenue opportunities over the autumn months by creating special promotions for your 1:1 or group offers. Run a launch or promotional campaign to build up anticipation and give people a deadline to buy to maximize sales. 

Tap into what your audience is looking for or struggling with in these autumn months. Are they working towards a Christmas promotion, for example?

Share Inspirational Autumn Quotes

Share motivational quotes related to autumn or staying inspired during the colder months. Use vibrant backgrounds and creative typography to make these quotes visually appealing and shareable – but do make sure they align with your business objective; never share a motivational quote just for the sake of it.

Looking for short-form video ideas? There are 45 ideas for you here!

Offer Social Media Audits or Consultations

Encourage potential clients to take advantage of the early autumn months by getting their social media channels audited so they know how they can maximize their content for the last quarter of the year and be ready for the Christmas promotional period if it is relevant to them.

Highlight Your Autumn Success Stories

Highlight any significant accomplishments, milestones, or successful projects you've completed during the recent months. 

This can help showcase your expertise and inspire your audience to consider your services. For example, you could share a case study of a successful recent campaign you ran for a client and include a great testimonial.

Post Autumn Reading Recommendations

Whether you read, listen to audiobooks or prefer podcasts, you’ll have tons of great takeaways to share with your audience.  During the darker months, people love to learn, so share those takeaways or give your audience a curated list of books or podcasts related to social media management, digital marketing, or entrepreneurship that you have enjoyed recently or plan to read during the autumn.

Share tips and advice for Black Friday promotions

If you work with e-commerce businesses, then this should definitely be high on your priority list. Businesses always leave these things until the last minute, so giving them advice and guidance well in advance will not only help them be more prepared, it will help position you as a reliable expert.

In a similar vein, your audience may be looking for advice and ideas to round off the year well in the final quarter.

Pro Tip: Use this time to prepare for Christmas

Early Autumn is the perfect time when social media managers can prepare for Christmas, and we've got you covered in this podcast.


As you create captivating autumn content for your freelance social media management business, remember to keep in mind your bigger picture. 

Make sure your content aligns with your overall business objectives and marketing strategy while also engaging your audience with fresh and exciting content ideas. 

By keeping these points in mind, you'll be able to create a diverse and engaging autumn content calendar that not only captures the essence of the season but also supports your broader marketing objectives and helps you to achieve your revenue goals.


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