26 Ways Freelance Social Media Managers Can Harness ChatGPT:

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Chatbots and AI have been instrumental in transforming how we do business online in recent years. And unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll be well aware of the leading advancements in this arena from OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Many social media managers have been wondering how AI will affect them and whether it will take away their jobs. The good news is that AI can actually make your job easier! Before we delve into how freelance social media managers can utilize this powerful tool, it's essential to understand what ChatGPT is and the advancements brought about by its 4th iteration.

Introduction: What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language-based model developed by OpenAI. It can generate human-like text based on the prompts it's given. And it can be really helpful for social media managers when it comes to creating chatbots, content creation, and even helping you with your own marketing.

The jump from ChatGPT-3 to ChatGPT-4 has been significant in terms of output quality, understanding, and reduced biases, allowing for even more precise and tailored applications. There is still a big elephant in the room, though… the information ChatGPT has access to ends in 2021, which means it has no access to recent online news, events or content.

26 Ways Freelance Social Media Managers Can Harness ChatGPT:

  1. Content Creation for Social Posts
    How to: Ask ChatGPT, “Can you give me three social media post ideas about [Topic]?”
  2. Engaging Facebook Posts
    How to: Prompt ChatGPT with, “Draft a Facebook post about the latest trends in [Niche/Industry].”
  3. Community Management Responses
    How to: Ask, “How would I respond to a user who's unsatisfied with our new product release on Instagram?”
  4. Instagram Captions
    How to: “Help me create a catchy Instagram caption for a summer product launch.”
  5. Content Calendar Planning
    How to: “What are thematic ideas for a social media content calendar in October?”
  6. Meme Generation Ideas for Pinterest
    How to: “Can you suggest a meme concept related to remote work suitable for Pinterest?”
  7. Audience Poll Ideas for LinkedIn
    How to: “I need a fun poll question for my tech audience on LinkedIn.”
  8. Interactive Stories for Instagram
    How to: “Draft a storyline for an interactive Instagram story on sustainable fashion.”
  9. FAQ Responses for Social DMs
    How to: “How should I respond to a DM on Instagram asking about our return policy – this is what our website says?”
  10. Engagement Boosting Tips for LinkedIn
    How to: “Act like a LinkedIn expert and provide tips to enhance engagement on a LinkedIn post – this is my original copy.”
  11. Event Promotion Ideas for Facebook
    How to: “Suggest ways I can promote an upcoming event on Facebook, my audience are X and the event is Y”
  12. Ad Copy Generation for Instagram
    How to: “Act like a strategic Facebook ads manager and draft a compelling Instagram ad copy for a fitness product. The audience is X and the product description is below”
  13. Hashtag Recommendations for Instagram
    How to: “What hashtags or keywords should I use for a post about vegan recipes on Instagram?”
  14. Influencer Collaboration Pitches on TikTok
    How to: “Help me draft a message to pitch a collaboration to a travel influencer on TikTok.”
  15. User-generated Content Campaign Ideas for Pinterest
    How to: “I need ideas to encourage user content on Pinterest around our brand's anniversary. The business helps X to do Y”
  16. Affiliate Marketing Post Ideas for Facebook
    How to: “Suggest a Facebook post idea promoting these affiliate products for home decor.”
  17. Video Content Brainstorm for TikTok
    How to: “Give me ideas for a short video on the benefits of yoga for TikTok.”
  18. Conversion-driven Post Ideas for LinkedIn
    How to: “How can I craft a LinkedIn post that drives sign-ups to our newsletter? The newsletter is for X and we talk about Y”
  19. Brand Voice Development Tips for Instagram
    How to: “Act like a strategic social media manager and give me tips on refining a brand voice for a startup that does X on Instagram.”
  20. Collaborative Project Ideas for TikTok and Instagram
    How to: “Suggest a social media collaborative project for two beauty brands on TikTok and Instagram.”
  21. Engaging Quizzes for Facebook
    How to: “Design a fun quiz concept for skincare enthusiasts to be shared on Facebook. I need the question and poll answers. The product does X and the audience is Y”
  22. Reputation Management Responses for LinkedIn
    How to: “Draft a response for LinkedIn to a negative review about our customer service. This is the review…”
  23. Webinar Promotion on Facebook
    How to: “How can I effectively promote a health webinar on Facebook? The webinar title is X and the audience is Y”
  24. Infographic Promotion Ideas for Pinterest
    How to: “Provide concepts to promote an infographic about mental health on Pinterest.”
  25. Swipe-up Story CTA Ideas for Instagram
    How to: “Suggest a CTA for an Instagram story promoting a new eBook for X about Y”
  26. DM Campaign Strategies for Instagram
    How to: “Outline an Instagram DM marketing campaign for a product pre-launch. The product is X and the buyers are Y”

This is just 26 ways you could use it; the truth is the sky is the limit, and we suspect ChatGPT and all the AI tools that are powered by it will only become more powerful as time passes.

It is crucial for social media managers to remember that the information and text provided by ChatGPT should be considered a jumping-off point. You'll still need to edit to sound like you and fact check too.

Not doing so can lead to some big issues. We've personally blocked many an Instagram user who has blatantly been using AI to respond to our posts, as it is so noticeable when you copy and paste (or plug in an automated tool).

Using the right prompts and being super detailed in your instructions, you can generate some great replies from ChatGPT.

Is now a good time to admit that this blog started out as an AI-generated list?!


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