How To Get Started Hosting Online Workshops

by | Mar 13, 2020

If you want to increase your income as a social media manager without having to work even more hours and think of even more great content ideas then you might want to consider adding online training to your offering.

In this article you'll discover why now is a great time to consider diversifying to offer online workshops and how to get started with hosting virtual training online.


Why should you be hosting social media marketing workshops?

There are so many small business owners out there struggling to make their marketing on social media work for them because they don't really know where to start.

As a social media pro you are in a unique position to pass on your skills and help them to really get to grips with what works in social media marketing right now, and offer advice on where they've gone wrong in the past.

There is so much they can learn online from training courses and blogs but nothing beats learning direct from an expert who will answer questions about your own specific issues.

But in these uncertain times it's impossible to offer in person workshops, and we don't know how long that will be the case.  So, hosting a virtual, online training is by far the more sensible option and can be a great option even when there isn't a global pandemic throwing a spanner into the works!


How to get started with hosting online training workshops.

#1. Get your tech sorted.

We live in a digital world and it is far easier (and less scary) than it used to be to sell and host online training.

You'll need 2 key things to be able to do this well, and both are easy to set up.

  • You'll need a way to tell people what the event is about and to take their money when they book.  There are so many options for this but the easiest way is to use the SMM Sitebuilder Sales Page which has been built specifically for social media pros to sell their online (and in person) training.
    Alternatively you could add a payment gateway to your website if you are a bit more tech savvy.
  • You'll also need a place to bring people together online to deliver the training to the, them. We recommend Zoom which only costs around £11 a month and has no minimum term sign up.

#2 Sell the workshop.

You're a savvy social media manager, you know how to sell so we won't teach you to suck eggs here but it's important to be realistic about how many people you can get onto the training. If you would have aimed for 5-8 for an in person training, that is a perfectly reasonable target for an online workshop too. Don't expect huge numbers of sign ups unless you have a huge audience to sell to.

Your warmest leads are likely to be the ones who buy this, so do your homework first and find out what they want and what pain points you can solve for them during the training. That way it'll be a far easier sell. Do some polls on social media or if you have an email list do a quick survey.

All the techniques you would have used to fill an in person workshop will still work for an online training but do make sure you stand out from the crowd.

The Social Media Managers Toolkit provides tons of tips and tricks for getting (virtual) bums on seats.

#3 Use slides!

Giving people something to look at other than your face during an online training is a good idea! And an online presentation can help you stay on track with your training.

The Social Media Managers Toolkit provides you with a slide deck you can adapt to your own training and gives you a great starting point for hosting a social media marketing workshop.

#4 Offer a replay.

The one thing that often puts people off booking thing is availability. The joy of an online training is that you can record it so they can watch it back at their leisure! So make sure you remember to hit the record button!