How to keep sane on social media when it’s your job

by | Aug 23, 2021

How to keep sane on social media when it’s your job

Correct us if we’re wrong, but you became a social media manager to avoid the 9 to 5 grind – not to end up working round the clock.

And yet here you are. Glued to your phone, fending off requests from demanding clients and generally feeling frazzled.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Why not? 

Because this is YOUR business and you get to run it YOUR way. 

In this blog, we look at the parts of the job that make you want to hurl your phone across the room – and tell you how to fix them.

The problem: Diva clients 

Where to start? We’ve all had nightmare clients – the ones who message you night and day, don’t pay on time and expect you to ‘just do *insert complicated time-consuming thing*’ for free.

The solution: Set boundaries

We recommend setting clear boundaries with your clients when you start working with them. However, we understand that in the excitement of trying to impress a new client, or simply over time, boundaries can slip. But it’s NEVER too late to turn things around. Create or resend your Terms of Service – these should include your contact hours and the channels you’re happy to be contacted on. The important thing here is to stick to your own rules. If you text, email or respond out of hours, you can’t expect clients not to. 

The problem: You’re glued to your phone

The average internet user spends around 6hrs 45mins online each day. Social media managers can clock up anything from ten to 12 hours a day! So you can see what the problem is here. 

The solution: Set limits

There are loads of ways you can limit the time you spend on your phone. But you must be strict with yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Set App Limits and Communication limits on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Screen time > Set app limits / Set communication limits
  • Hide your ‘last seen’ status on WhatsApp. To do this go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen
  • Have a separate work phone or a second line
  • Use a different contact channel just for clients. We love Slack and Voxer
  • Have a dedicated work email account and put your contact hours on your email signature
  • Turn off app, text, and email notifications when you clock off
  • Use in-app functionality – Instagram for example lets you hide your activity status and set usage reminders

The problem: There are bits of your job that make you die inside

It’s OK. You can say it. We all have parts of our job we like less than others.

The solution: Outsource

Look, if part of your job makes you miserable do something about it. Be proactive, look at the options. The bit you hate could be the very thing that someone else loves. When you outsource ‘the thing’ you struggle with you can stop resenting your work and concentrate on doing more of what fires you up. If outsourcing isn’t an option, look at tailoring your services to focus on the things you enjoy most and do the best.

The problem: Keeping on top of platform changes

Not a day goes by without some new platform update or other – and that’s just Instagram! 

The solution: Be strategic about your sources

It’s amazing how quickly bad social media advice takes hold online (Remember the recent ‘Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app’ drama?) So it’s crucial you limit who you follow to avoid confusion and overwhelm. We get our information by following each platform’s official accounts, that way we know the information is accurate. We also share the latest breaking news with our Inner Hub membership via a dedicated Telegram channel.

The problem: You feel isolated 

Freelance social media management can be lonely. Not having someone to bounce ideas off or sense check a proposal is tough. And, even if you work as part of a team, you might be the only person who truly understands what the job involves.

The solution: Find your tribe

Joining a community of like-minded professionals can really save your sanity! They understand what you’re going through and can offer balanced advice and support.

Choose wisely though. The wrong community can leave you feeling more insecure than when you started.

Unlike other groups, our Inner Hub membership is designed specifically for social media managers. We launched it because we know the unique challenges you face. And we wanted to provide a place for you to get unrivalled support and grow your business at whatever stage you’re currently.

Oh, and our 500+ members just happen to be some of the friendliest, supportive, and most brilliant social media experts on the net. 


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