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Two freelancers who joined forces in 2019 to share straight-talking advice to help you grow your business.

We pride ourselves on being open, honest, and kind. We guarantee that any advice you get from us will be 100% BS and woo-woo free! 


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Now, more than ever before, social media marketers need to be able to show their clients a return on investment.

This can be really hard if you’re mainly focused on building brand awareness or an engaged community on social media. And driving sales from social media can seem difficult because social media is not traditionally considered to be a sales platform.

And if you dont have a sales background, it can seem even more difficult and awkward to drive sales on social media.

But once you've made the big mindset shift we are about to share with you, you'll feel far more confident in getting sales on social media.

Get more sales on social media using a launch strategy

When you don't like selling on social media or feel awkward about it, a huge benefit to using a launch sales strategy is that you can put all of your promotional content into one short, condensed period of time.

You won't feel like you're always selling, and you can remove the need to constantly think of new reasons to get people to buy from you. Plus, you'll remove the likelihood of your audience getting fatigued by your constant sales content.

In this episode, we are introducing you to selling with a launch strategy; you'll hear us discuss:

What a launch strategy actually means

The types of business this sales strategy works for (spoiler alert, it works for every business, even if you don't have something new to sell or if your products are available all year round)

Some of the misconceptions around using a launch strategy and why they're wrong.

Why launch strategies work

The two key elements of a launch strategy

  And a bonus tip to help you prove a return on investment to your clients!

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