How to take a Social Media Break this Summer: Tips for Freelance Social Media Managers

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Summer is just around the corner, and we all deserve a well-earned break. But as a freelance social media manager, taking time off for can feel like a daunting task. Worry not! We've got you covered with some helpful tips to ensure you can relax this summer while your social media accounts stay active and thriving.

Plan Ahead and Schedule Content Well in Advance

The key to a stress-free break is planning ahead. Start by scheduling content for your own business and your clients well in advance. In the weeks leading up to your break, try adding one or two extra posts to your scheduler every week. This way, you'll have a backlog of content ready to go while you're away, keeping your accounts active and engaged.

Get Deadlines Well From Clients

Talk to your clients and find out if they have any special requests or deadlines during your vacation period. This will give you time to plan accordingly and make sure all the work is done before you head off. 

By being proactive, you can ensure that your clients are happy, and you can enjoy your break without any unexpected surprises.

Communicate Your Availability with Clients

Honesty is the best policy! Let your clients know when you'll be away and how they can contact you in case of emergencies. Provide them with an alternative contact or set up a specific communication channel for urgent matters. 

Make sure to set boundaries and clarify what constitutes an emergency, so you can truly unplug and relax during your time off.

Create a Crisis Management Plan

Every social media manager should have a crisis management plan in place, and it's especially important when you're planning to take a break. 

Here are a few tips for creating your crisis management plan:

a. Identify potential risks and prepare responses: Think about what could go wrong and draft responses that can be adapted and used if needed.

b. Assign responsibilities: Make sure you have a trusted team member or fellow freelancer who can step in if a crisis occurs while you're away.

c. Create a communication tree: List the contact information of all relevant parties, such as clients and team members, so that everyone knows whom to contact in case of an emergency.

Use Your Out-of-Office Message Strategically

Your out-of-office message is a great tool for managing expectations while you're away. Be clear about when you'll be back and when clients can expect a response. 

Additionally, consider providing a list of helpful resources or frequently asked questions so your clients have something to refer to in your absence.

Grab our free out-of-office template here.


Taking a break as a freelance social media manager is not only possible but essential for maintaining your well-being and creativity. 

With some careful planning and communication, you can enjoy your summer vacation while your social media accounts continue to flourish. So go ahead, start preparing for your break, and give yourself the time off you truly deserve. Happy summer!

If you're ready to nail your whole year, you could even start preparing for Christmas!


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