How Social Media Managers Can Use Instagram Guides

Instagram Guides are here and they're the perfect opportunity for Social Media Managers to show up to a whole new audience and build trust with existing followers.

What are Instagram Guides?

In a nutshell, Instagram Guides allow you to collate content on Instagram to share with others.

There are three types of Instagram Guides you can, and should, create:

#1 Places

This type of Guide uses posts that have been tagged into a chosen location.

#2 Products

Using posts which have been tagged in an Instagram shop you can recommend products.

#3 Posts

This option means you can collate posts you have created yourself or saved from other creators.

How to create an Instagram Guide.

It's simple to create a Guide.  Navigate to your profile and tap the + and select Guide. Select your preferred Guide type and start adding posts.

Once you're done share it to your profile.

Because they are so simple to create there is nothing to stop you from creating Guides!

7 ideas for Guides you can create right now:

#1 Gift guides

Create a gift guide using products that you want to celebrate.  This is a great way to flatter potential clients, and drop a hint to a follower!

#2. Showcase other people

Use a guide to showcase all the awesome ways others are using social media by adding posts you’ve previously saved.

#3 Inspire

Create a Guide full of inspirational posts from yourself and others.

#4. Use a Guide to brag

Share all your testimonials by pulling together all your previous posts into a guide. You can update this anytime you add more relevant posts and you could share this with any potential leads looking for case studies or reviews.

#5. Collate your positioning content.

Use a Guide to show readers why they should hire you. Perfect for sharing with warm leads.

#6. Your greatest tips

Highlight tips for specific platforms in separate Guides. One for Facebook, one for Stories etc. This kind of Guide will not only be useful content for readers, but it will be very shareable content too. And again you'll be able to update it as you add create posts.

#7. Collaborate

Create a guide featuring other great businesses that complement yours, people who you would recommend. For example Ads Managers, Website Developers, SEO experts, etc.

They'll hopefully share this with their audiences too.

#8. Highlight local businesses

If you work with local businesses then a Guide using Places could highlight some great small businesses in your area. This is a great way to network in your local area.

You could theme your Guides too for example hospitality, fashion, beauty, fitness etc.

What if you don't have enough content yet?

If you don’t have the right content on your grid to create Guides like these yet then it's time to hatch a plan. Factor Guides into your content plan for the next few weeks and months. (And get your clients to as well)

The beauty of Guides is you can change them and add to them over time so don’t worry if you only have a few things to start with that’s fine!

It’s better to start with something small than never to start at all.