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Crafting an Instagram marketing strategy that breaks through the digital noise is no small feat. But before you throw a pity party over low reach, let’s shift gears and do something proactive. Virality isn't the endgame; strategic visibility is. It's about creating content that not only aligns with your client's objectives but also entices your audience to engage and take action. That’s where the true responsibility of a social media manager lies.

Training Instagram's Algorithm: A Core Instagram Marketing Strategy

Forget about hacking the system; it's all about training it. As a freelance social media manager, it’s your job to sprinkle keywords throughout your posts with precision to send a signal to Instagram so it understands what the content is about and the type of users who should see it. In an ever-changing AI-driven world, this is how you start to increase your Instagram marketing reach.

Use your keywords smartly; don't just stuff them at the bottom of your post. Sprinkle them wisely into your caption, videos and graphics in a way that makes total sense to your audience. No black-hat wizardry needed – just good ol’ smart content play.

Focus on Click-Worthy Content… Even When Website Traffic Isn't The Goal.

Your content can be served to your audience in four places on Instagram: the newsfeed, Explore feed, search results feeds (including hashtag feeds), and, for videos, the Reels feed.

But your post is NEVER the only one being served to your audience. So you need to ensure your Instagram marketing strategy includes focusing on creating eye-catching, thumb-stopping, click-worthy content so that people see it, stop scrolling and click it to see more.

Bold visuals and compelling text should be your go-to because oftentimes, your post will be displayed in a teeny tiny square.

Need more reach for your clients? Make People WANT To Share Your Posts.

When people share your posts, more people see them, so if you want more reach, shareable content should be a major part of your strategy.

Folks like to share stuff that makes them look good, whether that's funny, caring, smart or any other positive emotion. And people are often wary of sharing other people's posts, so think about how you can make them feel confident to hit the share button to elevate your Instagram marketing efforts.

Clear CTAs That Convert Are Essential for Successful Instagram Marketing

A clear CTA (call-to-action) is a non-negotiable when it comes to your client's Instagram marketing strategy.

It’s not just about getting a double tap; you want to give your audience clear instructions to drive action that aligns with your social media marketing goals.

Every single post you share should have a CTA so people know what to do next. The whole post should be created with that goal in mind.

As a freelance social media manager, your CTAs should guide your audience effortlessly to the next step. So, keep it easy and only ask your audience to do ONE thing. No more ‘like, comment and share’ CTAs!

And if you need ideas, click here for a curated batch of irresistible CTA ideas.

Quality Over Quantity, Every Time

And let's not forget, it's not about gathering an army of followers who barely glance at your posts. It's about attracting the gems who are genuinely interested. It’s the difference between filling a room with acquaintances or a few ride-or-die mates.

And follower growth doesn't have to be a goal at all because customers don’t have to follow a business to buy from them!

So, let's not just make noise; let's make an impact. Create content that aligns with your client's objectives, resonates with their audience, and gets them ready to buy. And when you're ready to up your game, we're here to make it happen. Let's turn those algorithm frowns upside down together! Check out our psychology-driven social media marketing programme here.


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