How to make some quick cash as a social media manager

by | Sep 2, 2021

There are many ways to make an income as a social media manager, the key one being managing client accounts. But, winning a new management client is probably not going to be the quickest method to adding some cash to your bank account.

In this article, we'll outline 4 ways you can add to your income this month.


#1 Sell your skills in group training

As a social media manager, you will already have people in your network who are either never going to hire a social media manager, or who can't afford to right now.

These are the people who might benefit from your expertise in the form of training.

We've often sold one-off masterclasses and workshops as a quick win to top up our bank balance. With the right idea and some strategic promotion, this can work for you too.

When Laura M needed to bring some quick cash into her business she hosted a masterclass titled ‘How to grow your email list with Facebook Ads' over Zoom and with very little promotion brought over £500 into her business in under 2 hours!

Here's how you can do something similar.

Firstly, pick your topic but don't overcomplicate it or you'll put people off.  That's why Laura's masterclass worked so well, it focused purely on one thing and the outcome was really clear.

Set your price.
Your price will depend on how much you need to bring into your business, work backwards.

Remember the higher the price, the less you need to sell. An online masterclass can range from £45-200 (or more). Value your time and expertise but also remember that your audience is business owners and for them, this is a business expense.

Need to make a little extra? Offer a VIP option as well with additional extras. If you only sold one VIP you could still increase your income.

Promote it – way more than feels comfortable.

Send a personal invitation to people who you know will benefit from this specific training, tell them how it'll help them and make them feel like it was made for them. 

Promote it on all your platforms and to your email list.  Keep promoting it until you have enough people.

Top up your total by selling the recording
You can make extra money by selling this as pre-recorded training. Of course, you will need a promotional strategy for replay sales – don't expect people to knock on your door asking to buy it!

When we first started out we used Thinkific to sell and host online training and highly recommend it but if you think you might do this more regularly and want a platform that will offer you a place to build sales pages, manage payments and host your replays we'd highly recommend Thrivecart for a one-off investment and no ongoing fees.





#2  Sell one of our signature £100 Audits

This is one of our favourite ways to bring in some quick cash and often leads to more work with the client.

A £100 audit is simply that, the client spends £100 and you deliver an audit of one of their platforms, if they have multiple platforms then, of course, you can offer more and charge accordingly.

Audits are a great way for a client to get a quick win, with expert eyes on their platforms and can lead to more work too.

We even have a template to help you offer it which is available here (or inside The Social Media Managers Toolkit).


#3 Share your affiliate links.

We are big fans of affiliate marketing. It's a win-win-win situation as you can support someone else's business while helping your audience to discover new tools, products or services and you get to top up your income too without needing to do the extra work to create or deliver something.

There are so many options out there for affiliate schemes. Focus on finding products or services that your network want or need when looking for suitable affiliate opportunities. 

Once you have these links, promote them with a marketing strategy just like you would your own products or services.

Don't promote affiliate links to other people's audiences without permission and make sure you are correctly labelling any affiliate links following both platform rules and your countries advertising regulations and laws.

#4 make someone an offer they can't refuse


Rather than trying to find a new client, put together a really attractive deal or offer that you can send out to your existing ones.

These are your hottest leads, they already love you, and have bought from you so they know the quality of your work.  Make them feel special,  by exclusively offering this to them.

There’s a really good chance that your clients will want to take advantage of this offer, even if they don't need it right now, Because it's a really good deal, that you know they need.  Put a deadline on the offer to encourage them to make a quick decision.

For example, you could offer them an option to pre-book (and pre-pay) for something like an audit or power hour to lock in at your current rates as they'll be going up soon.