How To Make Money As A Social Media Manager, In An Economic Downturn

The news is grim; whenever you turn it on, you're faced with more doom and gloom. Prices are increasing, and it feels harder to win clients. But the good news is that it is still totally possible to make money in an economic downturn if you know how.

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In this episode of JFDI with the two Lauras, we're sharing how to make money in an economic downturn, including:

What you need to do to stop worrying about losing your clients.

You'll hear direct from the horse's mouth that savvy business owners are not cutting back on their marketing, quite the opposite in fact.

Who you should be working with and marketing to when the economy isn't doing well.

Why you shouldn't lower your prices, even when times are tough.

The two services you should add to your business to make more money in an economic downturn.

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