The Membership Experience with Stu McLaren : A review

It’s membership season and the doors will soon open to Stu Mclaren’s signature program, the Membership Experience. So what better time to share our experiences of The Membership Experience.

Plus we’ll be putting together a package of exclusive bonuses if you decide to join The Membership Experience with us (yes we are doing it all again because it's that good!)

First off, a full disclaimer: We are affiliates and will get a commission if you decide to join The Membership Experience through our affiliate link. It won’t cost you a penny to do that,

The bonuses we are offering are not available anywhere else and cannot be purchased separately.

Our status as affiliates does not affect our recommendation in any way because as you know, we only ever recommend things we have tried and tested personally… Actually, being an affiliate probably means we are more critical when it comes to reviews because we are putting our names behind it and we want you to know exactly what you’re getting. Plus we are using our time to tell you about this when we could be promoting our own products.

The Membership Experience only opens for enrolment once a year so if you already made your mind up you can click here to join.  

Or continue reading as we are about to share our honest review of the programme.

Why The Membership Experience?

If you want to add a recurring revenue stream to your business and create more financial stability by creating a membership or subscription site, there really is no better person out there to learn from than Stu Mclaren.

In this article we'll share our experiences of The Membership Experience, and how following Stu’s training we were able to close our Founding Member Launch with 380 members and grow to over 500 members in under 6 months!

What is The Membership Experience?

The Membership Experience is Stu McLaren’s six-module signature training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow and scale a high 6, 7 and even 8-figure membership site… even if you’re starting from scratch.

This course is based on the 6 core strategies for long-term membership success including marketing, retention and growth.

Stu has helped tens of thousands of people to create their membership including many digital marketers, copy-writers, VA's and you guessed it... social media managers.

What Stu is teaching worked for them and it worked for us too.

Not only does Stu know his stuff, but he also shares the lot. He leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

The Membership Experience programme opens once a year, usually in April and starts out with a series of FREE workshops which are open to anyone.

These workshops are crazy good and you’ll learn all about the Success Path and Stu’s strategy for a founding member launch.

In fact, during The Membership Experience Workshops last year, so many people launched their brand new memberships during the free workshops it was mind-blowing!


How does The Membership Experience course work?

The Membership Experience is an online programme and each week you get access to a new module. You start off with the foundations and figure out where you are on the Success Path™️ right now so you can focus solely on the right steps for you.

Every weekday Stu goes live for his legendary 10in10 Q&A’s in The Membership Experience Community. These 10in10 sessions are meant to be 10 questions in 10 minutes, but remember when we said Stu leaves no stone unturned? Yeah.. that means these are rarely 10-minute sessions!

The best bit about the Q&A is that you can submit a question in advance and even if you can’t watch live to see the answer you can use Searchie to find the exact spot in the video where he answered your question AND you can search hundreds of other Q&A’s to find answers to other questions you might have too!

You’ll also get to attend Brainstorm Breakout sessions with your fellow students where you can get feedback on your ideas and build great connections to drive your membership forwards.

The Membership Experience is the only membership site course that is based on years of best practices from over 60,000+ membership sites and online communities. This isn’t based on a one-time success.

We'll be straight with you here. The Membership Experience is not some cheap, fly-by-night program. It’s a world-class, well-designed and highly effective system that gets you results.

And don’t forget, Stu has been doing this himself, having experience running both high 6-figure and 7-figure membership sites. And, he is personally coaching and consulting other high-level entrepreneurs, best-selling authors and well-known influencers on how to launch their high profit, low-stress membership site. He’s in the trenches. He knows firsthand what works and what doesn’t. And there’s no one better suited to learn from when building your membership.

And, while The Membership Experience is a course, not a membership, you’ll see some of the ways Stu makes the course engaging and fun and makes you want to join his membership from day one. So you can take these ideas and put your own spin on them for your community

What did The Membership Experience do for us?

When we joined The Membership Experience, we had already planned to launch our membership, The Inner Hub.

But our only knowledge of what a membership should include came from our experience of memberships we’d been in. So we didn’t have all the answers and we wanted to make sure our membership was the best it could possibly be for the people investing in joining us.

The Membership Experience gave us clarity on the foundations of a great membership. What it should include, how we could successfully launch our membership without any content and without putting in too many hours to build something we didn’t know if people would even want.

We used what we’d learnt in The Membership Experience to launch our membership with 380 founding members joining us., watch this video to see how exciting that launch actually was!

And thanks to The Membership Experience, we knew how to ensure they had a great experience, even without much content, so they wanted to stick around.

During the first 6 months, we were able to grow The Inner Hub to over 500 members.

Now we not only start every month with money in the bank to pay our team and provide us with an income. We are working with 500+ amazing people every day and we LOVE it.

Being part of their success is the very best part of a membership and the job satisfaction is incredible.

Is it hard work… you betcha! Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

What’s so good about The Membership Experience ?

For us there were a few things we liked about the course.

#1 The lessons were short and sweet but gave you everything you needed.

We typically find ourselves watching courses on 1.5x speed to get through the lessons as there’s often a lot of fluff.

Not in The Membership Experience .

Stu shares actionable strategies and tactics in every lesson. Each video is around 5-10 minutes and they’re done so well you can’t help but want to watch the whole thing.

#2 The community is amazing.

Usually, large groups with thousands of members can be intimidating but in this programme everyone has one key goal, to build a thriving membership and they support each other like you’ve never seen!

#3 Stu!

Not only does this guy know EVERYTHING about memberships, but his enthusiasm is so infectious he makes you want to just keep going no matter what roadblocks you encounter.

#4 The goodies!

Spoiler alert.. there’s swag! And we love a bit of swag right? But you also get to attend The Membership Experience Live, Stu McLaren’s live event which he hosts once a year and your ticket is included as a bonus when you join The Membership Experience,

What’s not so good about Tribe?

It’s hard to think of what wasn’t so good but here are a few things you might want to consider.

#1 The 10in10s are long! 

Definitely don’t expect 10 questions in 10 minutes. But like we already explained, you don’t need to watch all of these live sessions and can search for keywords in the recordings if you want to find answers in the future. But we will say that every time we did stick around and watch the whole Q&A we always learnt something, some times more than one thing. Because it’s often other people’s questions that bring you the answers you didn’t know you needed.

#2 The lessons drip weekly.

If you are impatient like us then the weekly drip of lessons might frustrate you. But it also stops you from being overwhelmed by trying to learn everything at once. And having gone through the course ones ourselves, we can now see exactly why this content was dripped because no matter where you are in your memberships journey you need to take each stage as it's own training and implement it before you can move on.

#3 It’s not a miracle cure

It’s no good just watching the lessons, showing up in the community and taking part in the 10in10’s. You have to do the work, a membership doesn’t create itself. But if you follow the training and put in the work you can build a thriving membership following The Membership Experience method.