As a social media manager it's often hard to stand out from the crowd as you're often spending more time on your client's platforms than your own. And if you don't stand out, no one will know you exist, so they won't be able to hire you.

But no one is hiring during a global pandemic anyway right?

Wrong! There's millions of people out there who are still spending, and not just on ‘essential' items like groceries.¬†Which means there are also are a lot of businesses still making money right now. Businesses selling skincare, fitness equipment and even bread making machines, are growing now.

And that means that now, more than ever, it is imperative that businesses are showing up online as we are all spending more time on our phones and turning to online shopping to buy everything we want and need!

But that means you, as a social media manager also need to be visible to ensure those businesses come to you when they need help. You need them to know you exist, know what services you offer and have some trust in your expertise.


5 Ways Social Media Managers Can Stand Out & Get Hired.


#1: Be Visible. 

This sounds obvious, but if you're a social media manager you really need to be visible on social media!

Not only do you need to be visible, you need to position yourself as THE expert they should turn to when they need help.

You should be talking directly to your ideal client and telling them exactly how you can solve their problems.

But when you are used to promoting someone else's business, it can be tricky to switch to promote yourself. And when there are so many things you could be talking about on your social platforms, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

We've got your back! The Content Kit provides tons of ideas and advice to help you get more visible so that client's remember you when they're hiring.

#2: Email your warm leads.

You could be checking in on your warm leads to start a conversation to find out how they are managing in this current climate.

Offer them some tips and advice if they're struggling will never be a bad thing.

You might have some nuggets of information they'd not considered.

And they'll be likely to remember how kind and helpful you were come back to you afterwards.

#3: Drop a free audit into a warm lead inbox.

If someone we knew popped into our inbox with some tips that could help us gain more leads or increase our sales right now, we'd not only bite their hands off, we'd also remember them next time we were hiring.

But, this only works with warm leads, if we didn't know them, we'd be put right off!

So if you can offer some tips on how a warm lead could make some improvements considering the current climate you'll be remembered for the right reasons.

Be generous with your advice so they appreciate your effort.

We often use the ‘¬£100 Audit' as a freebie to win a new client and many of our members have had big wins with this too.

#4 Run a competition.

A competition is always a great way to get more fresh eyes on your business, but ensure you are strategic with it.

You could offer a 1:1 or a free audit to business owners as a prize but ensure you are attracting the right audience so you don't end up giving something away to a one man band with no budget to ever work with you again.

If you are trying to promote an online masterclass you could include a competition into your promotion and give away a space on that masterclass.

#5 Let them pick your brains!

People always want to pick your brains and, while we'd usually advise against that, these are unprecedented times so we'd be offering as much value as we possibly could.

However, it's important to be strategic about how you allow people access to you for free advice.

If we had no clients right, or needed more, we'd consider offering a regular drop in service where businesses could pick our brains for free on Zoom or Google Hangouts, or even in a Facebook Room once a week.

If you're constantly giving value for free, and helping people who need you, they'll have no doubts that your paid services will be even more valuable to them.

They'll remember you and recommend you if you do this well.  And when things pick up, this could be a regular paid service if you find there is a demand for it.

We truly believe that despite the state of the economy, regardless of a global pandemic, now is not the time to scale back your business as a social media manager.

If you want to ensure you are in the best possible position to recover afterwards, it's time to shift your focus and work on your own business, instead of someone else's.

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