How To Talk About Yourself On A Directory Listing

by | Oct 6, 2020

There are many ways to stand out and win clients as a social media manager, one of which is to have a listing on a professional directory such as Meet The Social Pro™️.

But to make sure a client chooses you when they are looking for the support they need you to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You need to make it easy for a reader to see you as the solution to their social media marketing problems.

When writing a listing like this, think of it as a mini About Page. And keep in mind that it is not about you, it's about how you solve your reader's challenges.

When crafting a strong directory listing you should bear in mind that you are unlikely to get an immediate sale from a directory listing.  So your initial aim is to stand out and get the reader to take the next step towards working with you.

You may prefer people to make immediate contact via email or phone or to visit your website and join your email list. Whatever step you want the reader to take should be a key factor when writing your listing.

No one cares about you

When it comes to reading directory listings you should keep in mind that the reader is only in it for them. They are short on time and don't need your life history. There are some key things your directory listing does not need to include.

No one wants your life history

At this stage, your reader doesn't care who you trained with or when, unless its relevant to their niche they don't need to know what you did before you moved into social media marketing. So avoid going into too much history in your directory listing and focus on how you can help them now.

Avoid confusing messaging

As a reader, it can be very confusing when the writer uses a combination of both first and third-person language. So stick to just ‘I' or ‘We' – but be authentic!

If you work alone, don't try and sound like a big agency by using ‘We', many businesses want to work with a solo freelancer so if you are only using ‘We' to avoid putting off business owners you could be doing the opposite.

Stop talking to everyone

“If you talk to everyone, you speak to no one.” Recognize that not everyone who reads your listing is the right customer for you. The speak directly to the ones who are.

Figure out exactly who your customer is, what they need from you, and then give it to them… in the language they would use.

Keep it snappy

Your readers are looking for a solution to their problem, but they are also likely to be short on time and they want to make some quick decisions. They need to know who can solve their challenges and how to contact them or find out more information.

Don't make things difficult for them by using vague language or expecting them to read long sentences or big paragraphs of text.


The key elements of a successful directory listing

There are many ways to write a good listing for a business directory, but all successful listings will include these 4 key elements.

#1: Headline

Any website page needs a good headline and your directory listing is no different. The headline gives the reader a quick overview so they know immediately what to expect and whether it is worth reading on.

Readers will make their first impressions about your business from the headline.

#2: Image

When it comes to the Meet The Social Pro ™️ directory, most visitors are looking to work with a freelancer and are more likely to click on listings with a headshot over a logo.

#3: Problem

Identifying your ideal client and addressing their biggest problems or fears before offering a solution will help you to speak directly to the types of clients you want to work with.

#4: Solution

People who visit your directory listing will have a specific challenge that they are actively looking for help with. Your listing needs to provide the solution so they know you can help them resolve their problems.

If you work with a specific niche or offer a unique service then ensure you address that so you speak to your ideal client.

 #5: Call to action

Without a strong call to action (CTA), your reader is likely to click away and read other listings. Your CTA will depend on what action you wish someone to take when they see your listing, would you prefer they email you or download your lead magnet?


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