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Summer Essentials for Social Media Managers

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Summer is here, and as a freelance social media manager, you need to be prepared for the warm weather, outdoor activities, and time off. 

But that doesn't mean you can't stay on top of your game. In this blog post, we'll cover some summer essentials for social media managers to help you maintain productivity and achieve your goals during the summer months.

#1. Protect Your Skin While Working Outdoors

As a social media manager, you may find yourself working outdoors more often during the summer months. After all, we all decided on freelance life to avoid being stuck in an office, didn’t we?

But it would be irresponsible of us not to remind you how important it is to protect your skin from the sun's rays by using sun cream with a high SPF.

#2. Reduce Glare and Eye Strain

When working outside, the sun's glare can make it difficult to see your laptop screen. This can cause eye strain and lead to headaches, which can affect your productivity. Luckily, Laura Davis has a brilliant hack for you!

To reduce glare and eye strain, follow Laura Davis’s hack and create a makeshift sunshade using a cardboard box for your laptop. Simply pop it on its side and slide your laptop inside. This will help to block out the sun's glare and make it easier to see your screen, even in bright sunlight. And if you have a spare box lying around, it won’t cost you a penny!

#3. Update Your Out-of-Office Message To Inform Your Contacts About Your Availability

If you're planning to take a social media break during the summer months, it's essential to inform your clients about your availability. Setting up an out-of-office message can help you manage people’s expectations and prevent any misunderstandings. 

Your out-of-office message should include the dates you'll be away, who to contact in case of an emergency, and any other important details. This will help your contacts know when they can expect to hear from you and give them peace of mind knowing that their social media accounts are in good hands.

Grab our out-of-office email template.

#4. Plan for Your Client Accounts: Stay on Top of Your Workload

While taking a social media break during the summer months is essential for your well-being, it can be challenging to manage your workload as a freelance social media manager. 

Therefore, it's important to have a plan in place for your client accounts while you're away. This may involve scheduling posts ahead of time, assigning someone to manage the accounts in your absence, or setting up an automated response system. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your client's social media accounts continue to thrive even when you're not around.

#5.Plan for Your Own Business Marketing: Use the Summer Months to Plan Ahead

In addition to managing your client's social media accounts, you also need to focus on your own business marketing.

Use the summer months to brainstorm new ideas, update your website or social media profiles, and plan out your marketing strategy for the rest of the year.

This will help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business continues to grow even during the summer months.


Summer can be a challenging time for social media managers, but with the right tools and strategies, you really can stay on top of your game and achieve your goals. 

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